The Payveer Company wants to close the digital gap between cities and rural areas in India by giving everyone access to basic banking and financial services in a safe and quick way.

Payveer banking solutions have made it easy for people in India who don't have bank nearby to use services like Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, and Money Transfer. Now, anyone can use these services without having to go to their bank.

Banks' and other financial institutions’ services that had to be visited can now be found at Payveer retailer stores located a few steps away. Payveer retailer stores can now provide the service of cash deposits and payments to their customers through AEPS Services.

What is AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System)?

Customers can use their AEPS cards to log into their Aadhar linked accounts, and fingerprint scanners can perform basic banking transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, balance checks, and bank transfers.

Facilities provided by AEPS service these include Banking Cards, Mobile Wallets, Internet Banking, Bank Pre-paid Cards, Micro ATMs, and Aadhar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS).

Additionally, due to the transition to digital banking, banks will be accessible to customers on a 24-hour basis, on any day throughout the year even on bank holidays.

Basically AePS is a Branchless Banking Service.
Our facilities on AePS:-
  • Safe & Secure

  • Quick & one click withdrawal

  • Almost all Banks AePS service

  • With more than 90% success ratio.

  • Separate AePS wallet

  • Best Commision

  • Highest AePS limit

  • Three banks KYC

  • And many more

Aadhar Update Service:-

  • Update your Aadhar Data

  • You can correct/update your Aadhar details (Demographics) on our portal.

  • Check Aadhar Update Status

  • Have already sent a request to get your address updated in Aadhar?

  • Update Address in your Aadhar

  • Have you moved to a new city? Or recently changed your address? Do not forget to update your new address in your Aadhar. You have Valid Address Proof or have received Address Validation Letter (For those without Valid Address Proof), you can update your address.

  • Aadhar Update History

  • You can view the details of the Updates you have done in your Aadhar.

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